WFPR-LP FM, Franklin Public Radio is supported by Franklin TV for Franklin and its residents as a bully pulpit for the community. 
FPRís mission writ large is simple:  Amplify the Public Good
Ė by publicizing the many positive aspects of Franklin life. 
Citizen Support:
FPR offers an open, accessible public forum where citizens educate citizens on significant local issues of the day.  Citizen participation, opinion and editorial expression are encouraged. 
Pro Bono Support:
We educate and inform our audience about local activities, events, and free support services offered by volunteer groups and nonprofit organizations who serve the public interests of Franklin, its schools and its residents. 
Educational Support:
We also spotlight Franklinís local arts, music, cultural, civic and school events while providing volunteers with training and practical experience in media craft and communication arts.  Our dedicated FPR studios are co-located in our Franklin?TV Public Access studios. 
Government Support:
We provide a ready forum for informing and educating the public on issues of civic importance to Franklin and neighboring towns.  Candidates for local office are afforded equal access. 
Public Safety Support:
Additionally, FPR works with Franklinís Fire, Police and Emergency Management Authorities.  We provide direct access for Franklinís Emergency Management Centers to convey timely information over the air as a public safety radio service to protect life, health and property as urgent circumstances may warrant. 
PEG TV Support:
WFPR-LP serves as an outreach of Franklin.TV.  We extend the reach of our public access TV programs to the FM airwaves.  Franklin.TV and PEG studios in neighboring towns within FPRís service area all enjoy a larger public voice. 
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